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Recycling Wales 2024

New rules for commercial recycling

From 6 April 2024, new Welsh Government rules will come into force. All commercial premises will need to separate recyclable materials from other waste.

What you need to know

All Visitors are  Required to comply with this  new Government Rule - Click Here for further information

We thank you for  your  ensuring that waste is disposed of  correctly

Please ensure that you bring with you the following:-

  • Bio-degradable food waste bags

  • Separate bags for Cardboard/Paper

  • Separate Container for Glass

  • Separate Container for Tins/Aerosols/Drink Cans

Please place in the correct bins

We are unable to accept:- 

  • Electrical Items

  • Large Household Items

  • Textiles - i.e Tents, Awnings, Beanbags, Quilts, Sleeping Bags, Pillows etc

You will be required take these with you on departure.

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